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Griot Communications marries a passion for community-building and enterprise and a love for story. Founder and Creative Director Joanne Roberts brings a wealth of experience to the field, having worked with charities, community projects, entrepreneurs, musicians and creatives.

A griot [gree-oh] is an African storyteller who is traditionally the keeper of history and a messenger of their time.

At Griot Communications we mine truths from the events that shape you and transpose them into contemporary narratives that connect with your diverse audiences.

Our values

The Adinkra symbol represented in our company logo, Anansi Ntontan, or spider’s web, incorporates our three core values:

  1. Wisdom:  Listening is a gateway to the wisdom that can build communities and transform lives.
  2. Creativity: Everyone has a story! Everyone has the potential to create powerful and lasting change.
  3. Complexity: The beauty of developing complex solutions can be found in the consistent interweaving of simple threads.

Whether you’re looking for stand-out SEO-optimised website copy, attention-grabbing blog posts, engaging e-mails or authentic brand stories, we’ve got your content needs covered.

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I greatly appreciate your ability to understand my passion for my message, balanced with your calm objective approach to the work.  You bear with my plethora of ideas – yet you help to prioritise and distil them into a clear succinct document.

Your copywriting skills are very thorough and comprehensive. I have been continually impressed with your work. I look forward to working with you again.


Janet McNish, Counsellor, Dating & Relationships Coach

Thank you so much for the amazing video. You managed to summarise all the support and services we provided to our members in a dynamic and impactful way.

With very little instructions, you seemed to understand exactly the main message we wanted to bring out! We are looking forward to sharing it with our commissioners and supporters!

Sara Milocco, Head of Communities, Croydon Voluntary Action